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Fourth ODI, Al Haq smoky betting, Shaheen 8 Wicket victory

Johannesburg (94news) Pakistan was played between South Africa and the fourth one-day international wickets 8 Won the match. Al-Haq once again been silenced critics by strong innings in the match.

The fourth one-day match in Johannesburg sahynun field has been calculated by the flat shoulder around South Africa. Five-match series 2-2 Was equal to. The sahynun 165 Goal scored easily for the loss of one wicket 32 ویں اوور میں حاصل کرلیا۔ دونوں ٹیموں کے مابین سیریز کا آخری اور فیصلہ کن ون ڈے میچ 30 Jan will be played.

Haq scored the opener and made it easy to not only win half the score, but the mouth of critics of Pakistan once again closed his performance. Al Haq 71 رنز بنائے اور میچ برابر کرکے (164 Runs) آؤٹ ہوگئے۔ انہیں فیلوک وائیو نے آخری وننگ رن سکور کرنے سے پہلے ہی آؤٹ کردیا۔ ون ڈاؤن آنے والے بابر اعظم نے بھی امام الحق کا بھرپور ساتھ دیا اور 41 With unbeaten runs. Imam Mohammad Rizwan comes to betting on the come out of Pakistan and they are surprised by Pakistan jtuadya match.

Earlier, South Africa batted first and only 164 Scored. He threw a falcon as the Proteas bowling during that pounces on its prey. Thanks to the brilliant bowling green shirts South Africa 7 The player failed to enter into double figures. Opener Hashim Amla 59 Are Scorer overs captain Du duplysz 57 Runs scored. Pakistan in disarray given by the South African batting line ravaged by the devastating bowling Usman Shinwari. They 7 Overs 35 Exchange runs 4 Players way to the pavilion. Shaheen Shah Khan Afridi and green 2, 2 Wicket. Mohammad Amir and Imad Wasim also a victim.

The captain of the Pakistan team in the fourth ODI was Shoaib Malik. South African captain Ahmed player Wi fyluk the ICC say 'Abe black. 4 انٹرنیشنل میچز کی پابندی کا سامنا ہے۔ پی سی بی نے سرفراز احمد کو پاکستان بلالیا ہے جبکہ ان کی جگہ جنوبی افریقہ کے خلاف میچز کی کپتانی شعیب ملک اور وکٹ کیپنگ کی ذمہ داری محمد رضوان ادا کریں گے۔


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