PP 168 N candidate submitted a request to recount votes

Lahore (94 news) PP 168 The PML-N candidate Rana Khalid Qadri submitted a request for re-counting of votes, Rana Khalid Qadri submitted his mercy petition rtyrnng officer Zada ​​Khan.

League leader in the application argued that the number of rejected votes in the constituency is more, the country has not been released yet Asad Khokhar winning notification, ordered the recount are jayy.yad Saad left the seat P. P 168 PTI candidate in the by-polls in Lahore 17 thousand 579 Since votes were declared successful while N Rana Khalid 16 thousand 892 Votes are to take second place.

Rings 83 Polling stations were established, while security arrangements were tight. At polling stations 3000 Thousands of policemen were deployed at polling stations, while Ranger. DIG Operations voters to Lahore 3 The checking locations, Rings 83 Polling stations B and C are divided into categories, 22 Polling stations have been declared sensitive.


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