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The PSL I say Jahangir's performance sltanz Multan?

Bahawalpur (94news) PTI leader Jehangir Tareen has expressed satisfaction over the performance of the taste of defeat by winning the most matches in Lahore in Pakistan Super League qlndrz sltanz tasting in Multan. The Multan sltanz Jahangir Ali is owned by the son of the highest.

That they are satisfied with the performances of Multan sltanz the PSL in response to a question while talking to media in Lahore Jahangir Tareen said. The idea that far in Multan sltanz the PSL 4 Matches played, only one of which victory is his name. Thursday Multan sltanz scored the largest collection of the tournament but had suffered defeat at the hands of Lahore qlndrz.


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