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Lahore (94news) They raised many questions for inclusion in the Pakistan team's opening batsman Al Haq National Team and is called "slip", but critics to be aware that they advance new world record in ODI cricket are.

According to the former hydroelectric declared chief selector integration opener former Test cricketers team because the nephew of Haq Al Haq recommendation players criticized the majority of fans were criticized at the Imam al-Haq I am positive that criticism is justified and no criticism of me and on one occasion they will also say that I am happy to have finished the job UL integration.

Al Haq criticized those who may not know that the speed in ODI cricket 1000 Only the world record to win 95 Are the same distance runs. Opener proud time last year 18 Innings 1000 A year and 45 However, al-Haq scored in Durban on Tuesday can break the world record in ODIs.

23Al Haq year 17 In ODIs 64.64 The average 4 Centuries and 4 With the help of half-centuries and scored 905 runs 10 Test matches 483 We have made runs, including four half centuries. Pakistan cricket team in South Africa last 6 From 5 Cricket World Cup which beat the Oakland International 2015 Granting ءaur 2017 ICC Trophy match cympnz including ayjbstn Birmingham.


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