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Pakistan will come again next year, Darren Sammy

Karachi (94news) PSL Season Four finalists will then have his title defeat to Quetta Gladiators radiators zlmy Peshawar match the Darren Sammy frustrated that they have once again win Pakistani hearts declared in Pakistan.

"The issue on social networking site Twitter, said Darren Sammy to visit Pakistan!!! میں واپس آﺅں گا۔ آپ کے پیار اور حمایت کا بہت بہت شکریہ۔۔۔۔ کراچی بہت ہی زیادہ پرجوش تھا اور ان تمام شہروں میں سے ایک بہترین شہر ہے جہاں میں آ ج تک کرکٹ کھیلا۔ واقعی یہ جگہ کرکٹ کھیلنے کیلئے بہت شاندار ہے۔“

The Darren Sammy These are top players who this time agreed that Pakistan was not any come, and that is not willing to come to Pakistan and other foreign players are their fellow team Pakistan played the role of a special love for them to do.


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