CM kadmakh, take command of operations against the Mafia

Lahore (94 news) وزیراعلیٰ پنجاب نے پنجاب میں قبضہ مافیا اور تجاوزات کیخلاف آپریشن کا فیصلہ کر لیا اور پلاٹس یا اراضی پر قبضے کی شکایات کے ازالے کیلئے ٹاس فورس قائم کر دی ہے۔

According to Punjab government has decided to be seized and mafia operation against encroachments and Chief Minister Punjab said that this operation influential and powerful mafia.

Punjab government LDA administered 22 Petrol pumps have also decided to lease the auction that will be processed on the Supreme Court's decision on the auction method.

According to sources, the Punjab government has given the order to change the police force stationed in Islamabad or Lahore LDA established Task Force on complaints of possession of land.


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