When Khan kruayyn election? Rasheed

Lahore(Pakistan Daily Online)Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that Prime Minister optional 3 Submit badalyksn year or 6 months later.

That was the biggest mistake of the former government press conference in Lahore, said Rashid They were great to work with your height, do not man the work that explained the minister himself, he said Nawaz Sharif and Dell Mary he had to break the silence, Sheikh Sharif said the PML-n to O 90 Angles are going to die, that is chief medical reports should be open roof, the police should be given bydhuaur End chipping best breakfast in custody.

He said that by December 31 there will be room for the tickets, the goods will facilitate kntynrzlany lead to two freight trains, are starting this month, the government said, expressing private companies interested in the freight trains come forward, ML II and III in engineering Corps will try, interest is expressed l bring in two and three the field, Rashid said that 31 ml will to win, will all railway switch track.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid said it plans to run a train between Lahore and Rawalpindi, will create a chutagrup IT division to seven.


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