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Nepal's women cricket team arrives in Pakistan Blind

Lahore(94news) Women Nepal Blind Cricket border of the five-match series will be played between Pakistan reached Pakistan and Nepal Blind Women's teams.

The first match between the two teams 29 The second and third matches will be played in Lahore when Jan 31 January and February will be played in Faisalabad and Islamabad huga.uazh fifth match of the West Indies women's team also play three ODI matches at the end of this month coming hy.uyst Indies tour Pakistan Women Team Pakistan, Pakistan the maintenance of international cricket is another step, before Zimbabwe 2015 Pakistan in ODI and the series of three ODI matches.

Du Plessis lead the World XI team 2017 Visit to Pakistan and three ODI matches while Sri Lanka khyla.uyst a T-Pakistan match in the same year Indies 2018 The series consists of three ODI matches played against Pakistan in Karachi, Pakistan, and the fourth edition of the PSL 8 The tournament is being hosted on its soil.


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