Zainab was brutal killer of young ltkadya execute Imran, over the body ursaky

Lahore (94news) Including trespass little Zainab 8 He went to the children of the murderers, ruthless criminals in Lahore's Kot Lakhpat jail early 05:30I am hanged. Well killer was just the magistrate server and execute Zainab's father Mohammad Amin presence. After hanging body was handed over to relatives, guilty of a half brother and friend 4 The ambulance arrived at the prison to recover the body.

Imran criminal morning and half in Kot Lakhpat Jail 5 بجے تختہ دار پر لٹکایا گیا جس کے بعد اس کی لاش آدھا گھنٹہ پھانسی گھاٹ پر جھولتی رہی ۔ ڈاکٹرز کی جانب سے موت کی تصدیق کیے جانے کے بعد سفاک قاتل کی لاش ورثا کے حوالے کردی گئی ۔ مجرم عمران کو پھانسی دیئے جانے کے وقت جیل کے اطراف سیکیورٹی ہائی الرٹ رہی ، جیل کے اطراف پولیس اور اینٹی رائٹس فورس کی بھاری نفری تعینات کی گئی تھی۔

His brother and two friends took the ambulance arrived at Kot Lakhpat jail, where he was handed over to the heirs of the deceased after legal proceedings, which they take off hugyy.amran the family of the deceased to take criminal Imran Ali Kot Lakhpat jail last meeting arranged yesterday (on Tuesday) What was the culprit in cell death Imran 45 The family was introduced last meeting minutes.

Including criminal Zainab Imran 8 Was accused of raping the girls on it 21 I was sentenced to death and has now been sentenced to criminal process. The fault was killed after rape 6 Year-old Zainab's father, Amin Ansari had requested the Lahore High Court the accused was a public execution, but the court rejected this request.

The year 4 Jan from guilt 6 Re-year-old whose body was abducted 9 A garbage dump was found in January, when the incident occurred at Zainab's parents were present in Saudi Arabia for Umrah. After Zainab have been killed in a wave of outrage across the country and violent demonstrations broke out guilt in police firing during which 2 People were killed.

Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo moto notice of the incident and the guilty police ordered the arrest of the murderer as soon as January 23, the police said Zainab 8 Murder suspect claims he abused the girls and the arrest kya.agly months 17 February to cause court judge Sheikh Sajjad Ahmed counterterrorism Lahore 7 Guilty of rape and murder-year-old Zainab Imran 4 Once was sentenced to death, which was the fastest in the history tha.ansdad terrorism trial court to convict Imran ± Ltd. 6 Thyn.mjrm little Zainab Imran sentenced under charges of kidnapping, rape and murder of time with the Anti-Terrorism Act 7 Under 4,4 times gyy.dusry the death penalty to life imprisonment on sodomy Zainab Imran sentenced 10 7 years in prison and a fine of Rs body thrown on a pile of dirt 10 Jrmanyky million penalty thy.mjrm also been filed in the Lahore High Court appeal against sentence by sentence, however, 20 March Court had dismissed the appeal. Including Zainab 8 Tehmina daughters, Faith, Fatima, Asma, Ayesha Asif, Imran guilty by the Supreme Court in the murder look like Noor Fatima had filed an appeal against his death sentence thy.dusry The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal court decision to maintain Zainab's father had filed the application to be hanged publicly blamed the Lahore High court said the court has decided that it is to the government.


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