General ISPR Major General babraftkardy set, who are they?

Rawalpindi (94 news) Major General Asif Ghafoor has been transferred to the GOC akarh help them determine when to replace Major General babraftkar has been appointed DG ISI building.

According to Major General babraftkardy's Armed Police Command were deployed duyxn before restructuring, they have curbed core unit 6 The Lancer and he 1990 میں پاک فوج میں کمیشن حاصل کیا۔ میجرجنرل بابرافتخارکمانڈ اینڈ اسٹاف کالج کوئٹہ سےگریجویٹ ہیں جبکہ اس کے علاوہ وہ نیشنل ڈیفنس یونیورسٹی اور اردن کے رائل کمانڈ اینڈ اسٹاف کالج سے بھی گریجویٹ ہیں ۔

DG ISPR Major General babraftkarduran job kmandayndastaf puzysnzkausya brygydmyjr experience they have, are prtaynat brygydyyrastaf the rank of Infantry, General babraftkarny operation in the infantry aurarmdbrygydky kmandky.myjr General babraftkar a beautiful married four living kids and they play very good golf.


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