Allowed to drive motor bikes on motorway

شرائط پر پورا اترنے والوں کو موٹر وے پولیس بائیکرز کارڈ جاری کریگی

Islam Abad(94 news)Islamabad High Court allowed to run on the motorway but mutrbayyks 600 Cc motor bikes will be on the motorway. National Highway and Motorway Police issued notification kradyagyahy gathered in Court.

According to the notification submitted by the police to the Supreme Court must meet strict requirements to bayykrz to run heavy bike on gy.mutruy're allowed to run heavy bikes on the motorway police huga.mutruy the whole land of kubayykrz card will continue.

Bayykrz Motorway Police also said in the notification that the regulations required to build the motorway entry points in different places, document Board gy.malumat.

Islamabad High Court had ruled in favor of running the 600 cc mutrbayyks on the motorway. The single bench of the Islamabad High Court 19 April 2018 was the verdict. Division bench 12 December 2018 had upheld the decision of the single bench.

The other side of the federal capital Islamabad Traffic Police since November 2018 night 9 The morning 6 At residential areas has been banned from driving heavy bikes.

Ban after receiving numerous complaints from citizens. He said that citizens' complaints interrupted night's sleep from the noise of the ban on heavy bikes.

The abundance of complaints from citizens, traffic police have appealed for cooperation from the Bike Riders had agazbhy the campaign.


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