I do not make serious lgtahkumt Dame, CJ Assad dialogue with age

Islam Abad(94news)Supreme Court case regarding new Gaj Dam in Pakistan resumed hearing, Chief Justice is hearing the bench headed by Khan, Asad Umar became finance minister in the Supreme Court.

Justice is committed to me, saying dialogue with Finance Minister Asad lgtahkumt dam, Asad Umar said that the iPhone application of the ECNEC from New Gaj Dam, always aware prmjhy in ECNEC said, we before issuing the cabinet.

Chief Justice of Pakistan said that coordination in the government, Asad Umar said Pakistan may jnab.cyf Justice said that the Government means government, federal government means.

Justice Assad said dialogue with you that people can not work, at least the people you love the country, the bureaucracy has not kajzbh aurnyt to work.

The court looks at ktnataym said ECNEC meeting, the minutes signed? We do not want government kudktyt, we work on basic rights.

I am your krdarkamatrf, 25 Jan kuayknk meeting will issue zyrgurlayyn, the Supreme Court said that ECNEC meeting inform immediately badfyslun, Finance Minister said that will kuyadrkhajayy of dam on the Finance Minister said.

New Gaj Dam tamyrsy court case 2 Postponed for a week.


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