Congratulations to Muhammad Tahir Siddiqui of Lab Attendants Association on his appointment as District Education Officer

Faisalabad(94 news) Muhammad Tahir Siddiqui to District Education Officer (Secondary) District President of Lab Attendants Association Najaf Nawaz, Chairman Rana Muhammad Munir, Vice President Liaqat Ali Gul, Deputy Liaison Secretary Malik Owais Al Huda, Joint Secretary Syed Ahmed Naqvi, Finance Secretary Ghulam Mohi-ud-Din, Deputy Joint Secretary Azeem Ahmed were posted at Faisalabad. Khan, Information Secretary Muhammad Emad Umar, Deputy Information Secretary Umair Ghauri called on him and presented a bouquet of flowers and congratulated him on his appointment.

District Education Officer (Secondary)Faisalabad Muhammad Tahir Siddiqui thanked the delegation of Lab Attendants Association and assured their full cooperation.


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