Lab Attendant Association Congratulations to Malik Hamid Mahmood, Principal, Education Department, on getting promotion

Faisalabad (94 news) President Lab Attendant Association Education Department Faisalabad Najaf Nawaz, Vice Chairman Bilal Nawaz Dhillon awarded the grade to Principal Malik Hamid Mehmood Government High School New Colony Ghulam Mohammadabad. 20 Congratulations on your promotion .
The principal thanked District President Najaf Nawaz. Further, he tried to upgrade the lab attendants, impose duty as invigilator in board exams in Faisalabad, issue notification of proper duty of lab attendant, impose duty as enumerator in census, impose duty as polling officer in election. Appreciating the efforts of President Najaf Nawaz and assuring him of his full cooperation, District President Najaf Nawaz thanked him for his encouragement.


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