Imran Khan's claim of resignation came to light today

Karachi (94 news) Prime Minister Imran Khan's resignation came to light today.

According to details, while talking to media in Sindh High Court Karachi, Pakistan Peoples Party leader Latif Khosa has claimed that Prime Minister Imran Khan is resigning today. He said that the Supreme Court had declared the unconstitutional act null and void and the Supreme Court had given a landmark judgment, which made us happy.
On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that he will continue to fight till the last moment, my message to the nation is that I have always fought for Pakistan, I will address the nation in Syria. "I have convened a meeting of the federal cabinet and my parliamentary party," he said in response to the Supreme Court's decision.

It may be recalled that the Supreme Court of Pakistan has ruled in the case of self-notice on the rolling of the Deputy Speaker. Prime Minister Imran Khan could not advise the President. Later, the Supreme Court annulled the rolling of the Deputy Speaker 8 Has issued a written order containing pages stating that the April 3 rolling of the Deputy Speaker is declared unconstitutional, the rolling of the Deputy Speaker has no status, the rolling of the Deputy Speaker is declared null and void. The current case is being dealt with on these issues. The dissolution of the National Assembly is also unconstitutional. The no-confidence motion is still pending. The meeting will not be adjourned till the election of the new Prime Minister. If the no-confidence motion is successful, the Prime Minister will be elected in the same National Assembly session. The orders of the President, Prime Minister and Speaker will be subject to the decision of the Supreme Court.


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