Faisal Khan imposed ban on uauda

Islam Abad (94 news) Prime Minister Faisal uauda ban on carrying Boat private news channel.

Imran Khan said that Prime Minister ly.uzyraazm requesting clarification on their behavior in private TV talk show next to any talk show uauda Faisal Faisal WADA consultant on micro-blogging site Twitter, said Firdous Ashiq Awan the ban on participation for two weeks.

Responding to this the anchor Rauf discuss efforts said that the minister was must be dismissed placed live boot in front of the entire nation and has raised the questions on the company's reputation is fun to Ben for two weeks and save it Is. I send three letters to the media ask advice for the minister two weeks later called nation.

The anchor is applied 60 days ban on Kashif Abbasi Program. But only got banned for two weeks Faisal uauda.


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