China also came in response to US attacks on Iraq

Beijing(94 news) Iraq's capital in response to the US attack on Baghdad's airport, killing the head of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have been exposed. Iranian general killed in a US drone attack came in response to the corny.

China urged to show restraint in response to the US action, the parties, especially the United States. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Shuang Gang said: "We are huadyn demonstrate the patience that we appeal to the parties concerned, particularly the United States and avoiding measures that stress," he said.

The US military said the drone strikes helping to kill the chief of the Revolutionary Guards Baghdad Airport General Qasim Sulaimani krdya.amryka rockets attack, which resulted in the Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani 8 People were killed. Iranian-supported militia attacks supported papulrmublayzysn Force (PML-F) Deputy kmandrabumhdy almhnds and six other people were also killed.


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