Destroying everything in attack on US base in Iraq, impossible to identify bodies

Baghdad(94 news) US missile attacks on the Iraqi capital Baghdad were destroyed by keeping everything dy.lasun pieces while several vehicles were also not identified the bodies to destroy the Iranian general destruction help ring in his hand. the phcanagya.

Suleiman's body that was identified with the help of his ring was worn by American media spread destruction attack, said General Qasim Sulaimani body also change hugya.ayk senior Iraqi politician pieces of missile attack. General pictures of onyx ring have been even viral on social media.

Indie pndnt Urdu informed the officials of the two forces in Iraq papulrmubylayzysn General Qasim Sulaimani body parts that were found dead in the attack almhnds.

The tension between Iran and America in the Middle East reached its peak with the help of US military drone bombing killed the chief of the Revolutionary Guards Baghdad Airport General Qasim Sulaimani. The attack by the United States, which resulted in the Iranian General Qasim Sulaimani 8 People were killed. Iranian-supported militia attacks supported papulrmublayzysn Force (PML-F) Deputy kmandrabumhdy almhnds were also killed.

Baghdad, according to Iraqi officials at the airport prdagy 3 Gray karguhal the rocket, the rocket attack 2 According to fire investigators also lgy.arb TV rockets important guests were kuayyrpurt to destroy vehicles, attack helicopters, sirens before seen in kaptrarty pm, atmosphere.

پینٹاگون کی جانب سے جاری بیان میں کہا گیا ہے کہ جنرل قاسم سلیمانی کوڈونلڈ ٹرمپ کی ہدایت پرمستقبل میں ایران کی جانب سے حملوں کو روکنے کے لیے ہلاک کیا گیا ہے۔جبکہ ایران نے اس کی شدید مذمت کرتے ہوئے سخت جوابی کارروائی کااعلان کیاہے۔


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