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Warne's stunning tribute Yasir Shah

Canberra (94 news) Fastest great spinner Shane Warne Cricket 200 Test record is set to Pakistani bowler Yasir Shah tribute wonderful tribute.

Was played between Pakistan and New Zealand national team lost the three-Test series but Yasir Shah emerged as the hero of this series. Yasir Shah was not only a match 14 Wickets of Imran Khan, but the speed equals record 200 Wickets to become the bowler. This feat Yasir Shah 33 Performed in matches. The test was the fastest world record-spinner to take 200 wickets in South Africa "clary grymyt" players who 1936 In 36 Tests performed this feat in the head.

By Yasir Shah 82 Year tribute not only to his players and Cricket Lovers around the world to break the old record, but the Prime Minister congratulate Imran Khan also offer special message for them. Yasir Shah Ideal former Australian cricketer Shane Warne has also presented a tribute to the fantastic scenery of the karhayy.

"The wish my son Yasir Shah, you have a wonderful game, if you were thrown in the first innings spell is the same thing, he had a very special Twitter said in a message to Shane Warne. I'm overjoyed to see you, when you spread a net spin there is a smile on my face, very impressive. Keep it up and do not leave the hem of my patience ".


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