He said the Ministry of Railways has set up the largest recorded in the history of Pakistan,

Lahore (94news) Pakistan has set a new record for selling the most tickets in one day by rail. December 24 During hours 51 thousand 610 Tickets were sold, which is the highest number so far.

According to the December selling over 24 hours 51 thousand 610 Worth of tickets 6 Crore 55 hundred thousand 64 thousand 320 Rs. This is a new record for selling the most tickets in one day. December Online 15 thousand 570 Tickets were sold worth 2 Crore 64 thousand 800 Rs. In addition, were purchased through December September half million worth of tickets mobile phone app. Earlier last month 27 November 5 Crore 64 لاکھ روپے کی ٹکٹیں فروخت ہونے کا ریکارڈ بنا تھا۔ وفاقی وزیر ریلوے شیخ رشید احمد کے مطابق ایک دن میں 8 Crore 70 Record cash income is established.

This is the best performance of Sheikh or the public's growing confidence in Pakistan Railways, which is undoubtedly of benefit to the general public and national treasures. In December holidays is also likely to increase ticket sales.


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