The rounding off of authoritarian political leaders are fresh, Owais Shah Noorani

Lahore(94news) Jamiat Ulema Pakistan Central Secretary General Allama Shah Mohammad Owais Noorani said Speaker Sindh Assembly Agha NAB Abuse shameful act with Durrani families, is reminiscent of dictatorial rule rounding political leaders, fresh, well-being the ban on condemned humanity Foundation, the ban on non-ud-Dawa party, to please foreign masters and general welfare foundation.

Addressing a meeting of Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, Sahibzada Shah Awais Noorani said that the government was using NAB to suppress political opponents, the nexus between NAB and the government had been exposed, incompetent and failed government, politics of blame and revenge. Opposition's grand alliance has paved the way, instead of uniting the nation on Indian threats, the government is creating political chaos through retaliatory actions, the government is busy crushing the opposition by forgetting public issues, the opposition leader said. The inclusion of Shahbaz Sharif's name in the ECL is fascism, the opposition will unite and fight government atrocities, national consensus is needed to respond to Indian threats.

He said that the government would not be able to survive if the united opposition started a protest movement, the whole nation is united and determined to fight the Indian aggression, India should not be in any mistake, if India made a fool of attacking Pakistan Political and religious parties will forget their differences and fight for the defense of the homeland. The international community should play its role in stopping India's hostility to peace. The silence of the United Nations on Indian threats is regrettable.

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