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Preparation of new laws on the use of social media

Islam Abad (94 news) The federal cabinet is preparing to implement new rules regarding social media. The new rules on social media have been approved by the prime minister and the cabinet. The IT ministry will also issue a formal notification of implementation in the next few days.

According to details, Federal Minister for Information Technology Aminul Haq while confirming that the new social media laws have been approved by the cabinet, a summary was sent to the cabinet after reviewing all the rules by the committee of the IT ministry. Was
Under the new rules, social media companies or service providers will make social recommendations that will alert social media users about uploading content, while negative perceptions of another person. No content will be uploaded, content that affects the privacy of others, content that contradicts the cultural and moral values ​​of religion and Pakistan, any content that affects children on social media and imitates a person's personality. Content will be banned, as well as anti-defense and anti-Defense Pakistan content and violent, hateful content on social media.
In addition, under the new rules, companies including YouTube, Facebook, Tic Tac Toe, Twitter, Google Plus will be bound by the rules, while 5 Registration of social media companies with more than one lakh users has been made mandatory in PTA, after the implementation of new rules, social media companies 9 Companies will be required to set up offices in a month 3 Will appoint focal persons for coordination in the month and 18 Database servers will be set up in a month, social media companies will provide contact information by appointing grievance officers on the forums and create social media forums, service providers, live streaming, online mechanisms while extremism, terrorism, hate speech, pornography. , Live streaming of violence will also be banned.


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