Saudi Arabia in Pakistan 10 Billion dollar investment likely

Islam Abad(94 news) But possibly the Prime Minister's visit to Saudi Arabia as badsaudy in Pakistan 10 Gwadar billion dollars in investments and is expected to Oil City.

According to the Prime Minister Imran Khan's visit was very successful in Saudi Arabia, plans to invest heavily in the government of the pack, is detailed in this regard during his visit, will enable oil city in Saudi Arabia Gwadar, United States United Arab Emirates (UAE) Has also agreed to invest heavily in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan to join the pack is taken into the confidence of China.

In this respect, the federal Information Minister Fuad Chowdhury also said in his press conference that Pakistan and China will be the Saudi Arabia of the pack The third important partner and will invest huge capital in the project, the first week of October, Saudi Arabia the delegation will be in Pakistan, including Saudi uzyrtuanayy and dignitaries.


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