The historic agreement was signed between Saudi Arabia and China

Beijing(94news) Pakistan and India after Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman between the two countries where the refinery and China have signed 35 MoUs in fields including petrochemical complex historical agreement.

According to the agreement under the Saudi Aramco oil company and a Chinese company, nurnku the city of Pan China will jointly build a refining and petrochemicals complex in Xinjiang.

Aramco said the company "will set up a new company called tht'aramku huaxn petrochemicals project, which will include an oil refinery with a daily production 3 Million barrels would be. The annual 15 Million metric tons of capacity of a cracker aythlyn (ethylene cracker)There will also be built. 70 percent for complex will provide raw materials to Saudi Aramco. It is expected that the complex 2024 I will start working. "

Saudi Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Han Zheng met with Chinese President kyn.mhmd bin Salman said that "China is a good friend of Saudi Arabia and partners." "They said we will make efforts together to eradicate terrorism from the region. "


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