Sridevi's film was lost to cancer sister

New Delhi (Education TV Online) Bollywood film 'English ungls in Sridevi sister role to actress Sujata Kumar lost the battle against cancer knysr .sjata as a child was admitted to the hospital for treatment Bandra Lila fourth stage of the disease, the his sister died of the news Suchitra Krishna Murthy tweeted.

Sujata Kumar 2012 In the film, the 'role of Sridevi sister in English ungls. The fourth stage was decorated meta static cancer and parts of his body had stopped working.

سجاتا نے بالی ووڈ میں کام کرنے کے علاوہ ماڈلنگ بھی کی اور متعدد ٹی وی شوز میں بھی کام کیا۔وہ بالی ووڈ اسٹار انیل کپور کے ہمراہ بھارت کے نجی ٹی وی چینل کے شو’ 24‘ میں بھی کام کرچکی ہیں۔


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