The government banned the import LNG cargo allowed

Islam Abad (94 news) The federal government has given the US GDP is allowed to import LNG cargo in the last week of November stations will provide your product bargains.

According to the federal Energy Minister Omar Ayub Khan said that private sector participation in the LNG sector will create a competitive environment in the gas sector and pave the way for the consumer knows best bargains gas supply in Pakistan. He added that this would be a reduction in the monopoly of state-owned gas companies. Prime Minister's Adviser on Petroleum Babar Nadeem said DC RL U G to G n to allow the import gas price than the price of petrol in Punjab 20 Percent is more 30 Percent will be reduced. U GDC chief executive officer Ghayas Abdullah Paracha also confirmed the development, saying that his company 1 hundred thousand 30 Its first LNG cargo thousand cubic meters is going to provide import and the yen's sector.

He said that his company R LNG agreement with the textile industry is in the process of finalizing their company to supply CNG sector in the first phase will provide R LNG. He said that CNG stations would Sui Northern will get rid of supply and lower prices in the US GDC R LNG.


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