The government knelt before the sugar mill owners

Islam Abad (94 news) The government to sugar mill owners 5 The export of lakhs of tons of sugar has been allowed, due to which the price of sugar in the country is likely to increase.

According to the details, the government allowed the sugar mill owners to export sugar instead of instructing them on timely crushing and selling the finished sugar in the local market. Matters related to have been settled.
According to Sugar Mills Association sources, in the first phase, the government 5 Having agreed to allow the export of lakhs of tonnes of sugar, the sugar mills will not increase the price of local sugar immediately, however, the price of sugar is likely to increase when new stocks arrive.
On the other hand, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Attaullah Tarar has said that the Punjab government has not yet been able to determine the official price of sugarcane, the price of sugar will increase and the farmers will not get compensation for their crops. Uchhe resorted to tactics to stop it, the price is fixed in September, this brutal move will increase the price of sugar and farmers will not get compensation for their crop.

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