Hitler has come as a democratic leader, Khursheed Shah

Sukkur(94 news) Dkytr says a PPP leader Khurshid Shah has no resemblance to Hitler and Napoleon and Hitler himself was exposed as a democratic leader.

The District addresses in Sukkur and PPP leader Khurshid Shah said that is proud to be a member of the third largest city of Sindh, when we have the federation strong and while they also fought and jailed for provincial rights provinces the time, the rights that will strengthen the country's Federation.

Shah said Khan described hearing people disturbed, Hitler has come as a democratic leader, a dkytr while also not resemble itself from Hitler and Napoleon that we are democratic people suffer from confusion or dkytr people are thinking, get a few years of democracy, it is also ashamed of this event is dkytr did not get up, use language in our Parliament.

Leaders Party said that to criticize the opposition to work, the opposition would not criticize the government will do the work and we will not interfere in your affairs, run your government but to the Prime Minister House or lose, lentil food or vegetarian food, it will not save money, reducing investment and export in the country, imports are rising.


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