Fake bank accounts case, the Supreme Court order to freeze the assets of the Omnicom Group,

Lahore(94 news)Supreme Court of Pakistan orders freezing assets of Omnicom Group fake bank accounts case, the court has issued notices to former President Asif Ali Zardari and sought a reply on December 31.

If the Chief Justice Pakistan remarked that it is not Pakistan juphly coir, where the public lands bndrbant, who runs the companies Zardari and Bilawal household spending, Chief Justice of Pakistan said if any Pampers with will be, on their dogs food and heater was someone else.

Chief Justice of the leadership of Pakistan Justice Saqib Nisar According to the bench hearing the case related to mygamny laundering holding fake accounts case, JIT has submitted a detailed report on mygamny laundering holding fake accounts, JIT Asif Zardari Group, Omnicom Group's report of the Joint Action Committee on kuzmy any projector command darqrar dydya.adalt.

JIT report said Zardari Group of 53 decimal 4 Billion secured loan, 24 Sindh billion loan taken from the bank, the Omni Group 5 For distribution to creditors in parts, JIT head was used for personal expenses that are adahuty the Omnicom Group President Group, Omnicom Group President kuzaty money accounts.

The report said that Zardari family has one million adakyajatatha than 20 million kamahanh krcaan companies, Karachi, Lahore, transfer money Bilawal House hau¿szky tamyrkylyy fake akau¿nts huyyn.blaul land in the name of Pakistan group.

Justice Ijaz ul Hasan asked why the land had been paid tupysy Gift? Kyagyatha not kyagft?

Chief Justice of Pakistan has said that costs Blossoms description clothing, lunches, even dog expenses, the Chief Justice asked Ian Where is Ali? Kyaayan Ali bahrgyyn the bymarhukrpakstan? No bymarhukrbahrclagyatuuaps?

JIT chief added that Zardari Group kumahanh are adahuty half rupees, President Group kuakrajat Omnicom Group accounts adahuyy, given JIT report the Omni Accounts 27 goats kasdqh to Bilawal said, dry cleaning Zardari's clothing money Omni Group dytarha, head of the JIT 29 Investigation of fake accounts was completed, mzydjaly accounts emerged during the investigation.

Supreme Court of Pakistan to the JIT to probe the accounts mzydjaly 2 Sister-month deadline, that this nation is kapysh Chief Justice of Pakistan, would not give any kubhagny, Zardari's lawyer told the JIT suahdnhyn the request.

The Chief Justice said that the dialogue with the lawyer you do not mind, to be under the law, we know how people kapysh lutagya.

Chief Justice of Pakistan remarked that this is Pakistan not juphly coir, where the public lands bndrbant, who runs the companies Zardari and Bilawal home cost, if the Land of Gift was paid you money, CJ Pakistan said that if I will go with Pampers, food for dogs and their heating bills would any.

Chief Justice of Pakistan ordered to freeze the assets of the Omnicom Group, the court issued notice to Zardari and sought a reply on December 31.


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