Bayt al-Maqdis 20 Thousands of Israeli housing construction plan

JERUSALEM (online) Israel for Jewish settlers in occupied Jerusalem 20 Thousands had planned to build residential units.

More for foreign news agency According to Jewish settlers in Jerusalem under the plan 20 Forwarding thousand housing construction, in 12600 The houses will be completely new 800 Residential flats will be built under the urban development plan, in 2500 Houses will be built to replace the graph Israeli tupu the Holy dunes of White rydg the project, houses including business centers, hotels and parks with the construction of 3 million allocated space square meters.

Israeli authorities build infrastructure at public places by, for old and new Jewish colonies development 1.4 Billion shekels will be Budget invested. Israeli Land Authority 6 Invest millions of shekels will 8 Million and taxes will be collected in tariff terms.


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