Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami was sentenced to 4 and execute more opposition leader

Dhaka (94news) More Jamaat in Bangladesh 4 And an opposition leader was sentenced to death on charges of war crimes.

According to international news agency, a special court in Bangladesh's Jamaat Islami Pakistan's pro outfit 4 A leader of the opposition leaders and killing, kidnapping, entitled, sentenced to death on charges of looting and rape. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina from 1971 The party made the controversial tribunal's order of battle 6 Accusing leaders have been executed while Pakistan supported the Islamic party was already restricted.

The opposition parties that called tribunal is contrary to international law, which does not maintain transparency and the suspects handed decisions did not provide full opportunity for the defense nor the presented evidence clearly it means to crush political opponents but no statutory tribunal.

The third time prime minister elected Sheikh Hasina give proof of his dictatorial thinking has often been political opponents imprisoned or including former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia 4 or the overthrow of the leaders of the banned Islamic identical opposition who has gone on.


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