Benazir Bhutto has been his political ctajla to his father, Sheikh Rashid

Peshawar(94 news) Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has said that his political ctajla to bahrnkltatuuh national hyruhuta, his father Asif Zardari against corruption.

Talking to media in Peshawar Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid said that would revolutionize the railway led by Imran Khan, the government did not focus towards the railways, we were not tuajazt train was going to march, today Bilawal Train sought we dydyahy the free track.

Sheikh Rashid said the hyruhuta bahrnkltatuuh corruption against Zardari, who is today kutryn he succeeded in your efforts, we were not being allowed to train Train March but Benazir March. We will restore the tracks made English the province will run a train across the country, including Sindh.

He said that the Dargai 25 Years later, the train service is being restored, wish to make the track everywhere Englishman made the track, the railway would spread kajal trains throughout the country, will eliminate oil trains due to pollution, he said. KP Chief Minister should remove barriers to the train tracks.

That will put double track to Peshawar from Karachi, train service which is packaged as a backbone for today, which gave the train he did not do anything to look, previous governments to improve the trains in their own Rasheed said. , he said it did not want war with India.


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