Corona virus also confirmed Vice President of Iran, Deputy Minister of Health

Tehran (94 news) The female vice president since Iran's deputy health minister took the Corona virus gripped.

Iran's Vice President for Women and Family Affairs, according to Masuma is abtkar at the Corona virus. Which has been officially confirmed. It was also confirmed Iran's deputy health minister before Corona virus. Masuma abtkar 1979 During the revolution included the siege of the US embassy, ​​ability to speak English because they are known as 'English-language spokeswoman' in the Western world.

Iran then China is the most affected by the virus Krona 254 It has been confirmed in people. The number of deaths caused by Corona virus in Iran 26 Here it became clear that the death rate caused by Corona virus in most of Iran 10 Percent while the rate on elsewhere 2 Or 2 Decimal 3 Percent up.


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