After Akshay Kumar, too, left the film Nana Patekar

Mumbai (It is this efficiency)Indian actor Nana Patekar tnusry Dutta, actress from movie house full of evil infections caused by the above charges 4 Shooting half left.

Akshay Kumar social site Twitter continues Nana Patekar your message and director Sajid Khan demand with movie house krdyablkh denial attitude to work in full force that the shooting stopped jayy.haws full 4 shooting 70 percent full, according to media reports while Akshay's career has been that this is the first time that he came in a statement said the shooting hu.anhun canceled by Sajid Khan and Nana Patekar hyn.nana the most serious accusations that they do not want paatekar due to their hurt anyone, so he decided to leave the film, thought it is better for them.

The director Actress Saloni Chopra, Sajid Khan, actress Rachel White and journalist charisma aupadhy accused of sexually harassing a former actress tnusry Dutta also the Egyptians to campaign in India with accusations of harassment on Nana Patekar the kya.flm include "full House 4's production instructions while working offline Nadia Holy rytys Deshmukh Bobby Deol, Nana Patekar and practice snns with Akshay Kumar in the film are Sajid Khan.


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