Was due to go to jail superintendent and deputy superintendent removed from office

Rawalpindi(94news)Punjab government has made removing the last night, jail superintendent and deputy superintendent Mansoor Akbar Malik Liaquat executive office OSD and additional Hasan has been charged.

According to the two officers suddenly removed at considerable speculation started to recommend according to reliable sources jail superintendent and deputy superintendent Executive Zulfi Bukhari was removed to strictly prime brother's killer Imran Khan special assistant Zulfi Bukhari brother's killer is in jail and Zulfi Bukhari to strictly superintendent was the telephone exchange Mansoor Akbar, however, has refused to strictly prisoner.

Sources said that Mansoor Akbar old inquiries have been transferred to legalize corruption and prison officials Mansour sent no greater exchange or corruption summary Department, the Department without a summary Exchange Commission said Zulfi Bukhari the


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