IMF are not earlier than the date kasib to braqrz:Bilawal Bhutto

Lahore(94 news)Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party Bilawal Bhutto criticized the government, saying that the IMF has not been bound not see any direction to take braqrz kasib hyn.hkumt domestic economic policy. Describe yourself to a further increase in gas prices Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, Nawaz said that the government policy of inflation arhy.amran Khan kanyapakstan drau¿nakuab not see the poor ckahy.mhngayy the stoves are being cold to the public.

The party was bhtukakhna 4% GDP growth, inflation 14 He is destitute and demoralized hy.saf fear comes percent slyktd preparing to send the kubgyrksy. People have the right to live away from the poor to give colleagues kurlyf hyn.cyyrmyn Pakistan People's Party said it was dalrfy 148 barrels of oil in the global market in lodgers move away but not prices. We drove the economy from the worst financial crisis in inflation away.


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