Inflation in the United States 30 Annual record broken, inflation is temporary, Biden

Washington (94 news) Inflation in the United States 30 Year record breaks, food prices rise sharply,

US Consumer Price Index, according to Labor Department data (CPI) Ending October 12 In months 6 Decimal 2 Percentage increased, it increased the prices of oil, cars and houses 30 The highest level of the year.

US President Biden has made the fight against inflation a top priority and said that the rise in inflation would be temporary.

Experts say inflation did not rise even during the Corona epidemic, but with the lifting of other restrictions, including vaccines and lockdowns, and the restoration of routine, prices are rising, due to a shortage of workers. Prices have changed as chains have been affected.

Inflation 30 US markets are on a downward trend on record news, Dow Jones 0.7, S&P 0.7. 8 And 1 decimal in Nasdaq 7 Percentage fell.


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