Afghan capital Kabul blast kills 4, 90 Wounded

Cable (94news) Afghan capital, resulting in a large explosion in Kabul 4 Dead and 90 Injured.

The Afghan Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish militants from the Green Village compound in a truck packed with explosives rammed through the ninth police district in which 4 People were killed. The blast killed three soldiers and a civilian were injured in 23 Baby 12 Women are included. The majority of the injured were civilians, he said. The blast was so severe that the intensity of the echo Kabul also damaged nearby houses, the building of atha.dmaky.

Afghan interior ministry spokesman Nasrat Rahimi said that the number of victims is not certified, it may also increase.

The idea is that the number of foreigners residing exploded outside the building, there are also offices of foreign NGOs in this area.


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