The actor Mohsin Abbas Haider reason unemployment is refusing to pay child, Fatima Sohail

Lahore (94 news) Actor Mohsin Abbas said Haider's former wife, Fatima Sohail said Mohsin Abbas Haider Bay has been employment refuse to pay the excuses made by the child, but the truth is that he is financially pretty stable, if not the Defense Phase 6 The house has been on how to pay and how to pay installments rhahy.mhsn Abbas has been taking regular concert but have no money to children.

They say that the actor is the opposite of that which is shown only one side of the picture, the actor who claimed to be victims of the January-to-me and benefactor of the problem-me-to-because surprise for me. there is no relationship.

Fatima Sohail said that vocational my ex-husband tried to give the impression that they have not been that bad case. The case is still in court trying to kill me because of violence and death Section 506 Has been applied.


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