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Karachi(94news) The National Stadium will host two matches in Karachi. Huga.aj first match in the second match between Lahore and Multan qlndrz sltanz face to face from Peshawar to Karachi Kings will zlmy.

The first match will begin at two o'clock in the afternoon in time between Lahore and Multan qlndrz sltanz. Lahore team so far 9 The game is won in three matches.

United Lahore to Islamabad last match qlndrz 49 Beat off thy.mltan sltanz will play the first match of the tournament in Karachi today. The poor performance sltanz the bottom of the points table. Multan team 9 Match won by 4 points.

Today's second match against Pakistan in Karachi Kings which will be played according to the Peshawar zlmy 7pm.

Peshawar zlmy the second team in the PSL now. The zlmy 9 Match won by 12 points. Kings fourth position on the points table. Karachi team 9 The Match Game 10 Points are earned.

King's last match was facing Karachi from Quetta Gladiators radiators. Karachi team defeated Quetta after a thrilling run thy.kracy Kings team to bat first 191 The goal was scored. Gladiators radiators fixed 20 Overs for the loss of seven wickets 189 Runs were made.


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