IMF condemns the government's move to approach F:Senator Raza Rabbani

Islam Abad(94 news)Terming Pakistan People's Party Senator Raza Rabbani Computer to take a loan from the International Monetary Fund IMF said the government's move to approach the work condemnable.

According to Pakistan, Senator Raza Rabbani of the Pakistan People's Party said while responding to the decision to approach the IMF on behalf of the federal government decided to IMF and took a U-turn, Finance Minister M to F first was assured of the confidence, the IMF condemned the government's move to approach the work, will have the burden of inflation on ordinary poor government policies.

He said the government has temporarily stopped the electricity price rise, dollar 136 And the pound 170 Rs reached, had been the country's stock market crash, the Finance Minister indicated to the IMF before taking the oath, the government increased the price of CNG, the gas prices In 140 Percent increase, the government misled parliament about it.

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